United in Support of Black Lives

By Guest Writer - June 05, 2020

To our Moffitt community,

We have all been saddened by the recent senseless and unjust acts against black lives across America and are reminded of just how far we have yet to go as a nation to overcome racism. We at Moffitt Cancer Center stand with our black team members and the black community — as well as with all of our team members, patients and allies of all colors, faiths, nationalities, genders, gender identity and sexual orientation.

Diversity and inclusion are founding values of our cancer center, and we have long been ardent advocates of health equality. Yet during these times we know that we must continue to speak out, and speak louder, for what is right and just. To remain silent on the racial injustices that continue to spread throughout our nation, much like a cancer, would be to turn our backs on who we are and what we believe in. The senseless murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless other souls show we must do better — as a nation and as brothers and sisters of the human race.  

Moffitt is here to save lives. We value human life and embrace the qualities that make each of us unique as human beings. We condemn racism, discrimination, exploitation and oppression of any kind.

Our commitment to equality and justice is stronger than ever. Starting with our senior leadership team and board of directors, we pledge to continue this commitment by first looking inward to examine what we can each do better as individuals to make meaningful change. And we ask all of you in our Moffitt family to become an ally and speak out for what is right.

One person can make a difference. Imagine what we can do if we stand united.


Lee Moffitt, Esq.
Founder, Moffitt Cancer Center

Timothy J. Adams
Chair, Moffitt Institute Board of Directors

John L. Cleveland, PhD
Executive Vice President, Center Director

David de la Parte, Esq.
Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Jack Kolosky
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Douglas Letson, MD
Executive Vice President, Physician-in-Chief

Maria Muller
Executive Vice President, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Yvette Tremonti, CPA, MBA
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer


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