Two-time Cancer Survivor Vicki is Running for a Cure

By Staff Writer - October 18, 2019

Vicki Peters is a two-time cancer survivor. And while a lot of factors contributed to that outcome — for example, Vicki’s resolve and the lifesaving treatments at Moffitt Cancer Center — Vicki points to her family and friends as the main source of her strength through her two cancer journeys.

Vicki calls these loved ones her “soldiers” — the family and friends who rallied around her during not one, but two battles with breast cancer. “We had meals on our doorstep nightly,” recalls Vicki’s husband, Ted. “Friends took Vic to her treatments so that I could maintain my office schedule, and they made sure our family had everything covered so that Vic could focus on staying strong.”

In recent years, Vicki has called on those soldiers to help fight the larger battle — finding cures for cancer. After supporting Vicki through her cancer journey, her family and friends became active participants in the search for cures through Miles for Moffitt.

Rachel, one of Vicki’s four daughters, explains why participating in Miles for Moffitt means so much to the whole family: “We got lucky that our mom had good outcomes twice, but we know that hasn’t been the same kind of outcome for a lot of our family and friends. When we donate, we believe we are helping to prevent cancer for others in the future.”

“It’s really important for us to support Moffitt Cancer Center and the research they’re doing,” Rachel continues. Team Vicki Peters/Carrie Kukuda/Get a Grip Fitness is a powerful force in our annual Miles for Moffitt event, raising more than $15,500 last year to advance the groundbreaking research and the best in cancer care found at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Stand with Vicki: Ready to become a part of Miles for Moffitt? Sign up today!


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