Special Recognition for the Specialty Pharmacy

By Corrie Pellegrino - December 08, 2023

Managing medication can be a major burden for patients with cancer, especially for those who need to self-administer chemotherapy. Fortunately, Moffitt Cancer Center’s Specialty Pharmacy team is available to provide comprehensive guidance for patients throughout their journey. In fiscal year 2023, the Specialty Pharmacy achieved new accreditation status that will allow it to better serve patients. Sophia Alfonso, pharmacy manager, shares what this means for Moffitt and the patients we serve.

What new accreditations has the Specialty Pharmacy earned?

The Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy started off by achieving an important distinction in June 2022, earning full accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). In December 2022, the pharmacy earned additional accreditation from URAC, which stands for the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission. In March 2023, the Specialty Pharmacy achieved the ACHC Distinction in Oncology status.

These accreditations reflect the pharmacy’s commitment to the highest standards and patient experience. The Moffitt Specialty Pharmacy is one of 38 URAC-accredited specialty pharmacies in Florida. It is one of only 138 pharmacies nationwide that have the ACHC Distinction in Oncology status.

What does this mean for patients?

Since opening in 2012, Moffitt’s Specialty Pharmacy has worked to provide the highest level of care to all who need it. Moffitt strives to keep the cost of medications affordable and ensure patients have easy access to the medications they need.

The accreditations open doors to more third-party insurance contracts that nonaccredited pharmacies are unable to participate in. They also indicate to insurers and medication manufacturers that our pharmacy delivers quality care.

Ultimately, it gives us the ability to serve more patients and help them find ways to cover the cost of crucial medications.

Has the Specialty Pharmacy seen an increase in patients over the years as Moffitt has expanded?

Our team has worked hard to ensure we continue to provide superb service to our ever-growing patient population. This includes offering the option of overnight delivery of medications throughout the state. Compared to fiscal year 2020, we have doubled the number of prescriptions we are filling for patients.

What can patients expect from the Specialty Pharmacy going forward?

Moffitt Cancer Center Specialty Pharmacy
The Specialty Pharmacy team does much more than dispensing medications. They provide individualized counseling and help patients work with insurers to get special medications covered.

People can expect the same outstanding level of service they have always received, with expanded insurance options. The specialty pharmacists are a dedicated and caring part of a patients’ clinical health care team. We perform a thorough review of labs, existing health conditions and any medications patients may be taking to avoid potential negative interactions. We can also schedule individualized counseling sessions with patients to provide education on the dosage, directions and storage of their medication. Additionally, we explain how to handle missed doses and side effects. Our team follows up routinely to ensure patients are able to take medications as prescribed and are not experiencing adverse reactions.

On the financial side, our team has extensive experience working with insurance companies to help patients get specialty prescriptions covered. Even with insurance, the medication costs can be overwhelming for people, so our team also works with patients to find ways to lower these financial barriers. We want to make sure patients feel supported at every turn.

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