Scout Troop Gives Back to Patients at Moffitt Cancer Center

By Jeremy Peplow - April 08, 2024

Members of Scouts (BSA) Troop 34 took time out of a recent weekend to give back to their community by visiting Moffitt Cancer Center. The goal: lift spirits and provide comfort.

The 12 scouts, including a mix of ranks from aspiring Eagles to newer members, were there to carry out a project led by Madison Jackson, who is working toward her Eagle Scout rank. They prepared and delivered 250 care packages for patients receiving infusion treatments. These packages included caps knitted by the scouts, aromatherapy strips, lip balm and other items designed to provide comfort.


The initiative was not only about giving back but also about the warmth of personal interaction. Patients responded with gratitude, sharing their own scouting stories, connecting past and present.

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"As a former Eagle Scout, I was excited to see current scouts in action at Moffitt."

- Jason Kawa, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer

Jason Kawa, assistant chief nursing officer at Moffitt, helped lead the project. “As a former Eagle Scout, I was excited to see current scouts in action at Moffitt,” Kawa said. “The visit really highlighted the enduring values of scouting — community service, leadership and the commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.”

Through this experience, the scouts saw firsthand how their efforts brought joy and comfort to others. It was a day well spent, with lessons in empathy and the power of community support.

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