Photo of the Week: VolunTeens Get Hands on Experience

By Sarah Garcia - June 22, 2023

Moffitt Summer VolunTeen Program participants
Moffitt summer VolunTeen program participants (left to right) Midhat Saeed, Magnus Jin, Ahmed Kandil and Noya Khan meet President and CEO Dr. Patrick Hwu during a listening tour.

"VolunTeens enhance the patient and team member experience with their bright smiles, enthusiasm and willingness to serve. Teens provide hands on volunteer support while gaining valuable insight into the inner workings of the cancer center and Moffitt’s culture of patient- and family-centered care."

- LaWanda Byrd, Director of Volunteer and Retail Services

Each summer, two groups of high school students are accepted into Moffitt Cancer Center’s summer VolunTeen Program, which allows teens to get hands-on volunteer experience and learn about the inner workings of the center. This year, 103 teens are participating in the VolunTeen program, providing service to 33 departments across Moffitt including Transport, the Gift Shop, Urgent Care, Infusion, Radiation Therapy, Pharmacy and Interventional Radiology, as well as at the concierge and information desks. VolunTeens help with various tasks including providing comfort items to patients and families, escorting patients to clinics, running prescriptions, restocking items, assisting with wayfinding, filing, and preparing packets and educational materials. 

"My father has always put patients first, even though he is neither a doctor nor a nurse. This inspired me to join Moffitt. As a volunteer, I get to dedicate my time to helping others, which is something I’ve always loved, especially patient care, because I find great joy in serving those in need. Moffitt helps cancer patients during difficult times and consistently highlights the importance of retaining hope. Being a part of this team will ultimately help me achieve my future career goals."

- Midhat Saeed, Moffitt VolunTeen

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