On the Road Again

By Sarah Garcia - January 14, 2020

Today, the Cure on Wheels, Inc. cyclists are hitting the road for the third day! Miraculously, I am still on board.

We arrived in Lake City yesterday at 3:30 p.m., concluding day two of our journey to the State Capitol. We ended with a total of 96 miles on day one and 107 on day two.

In my mind I pictured day two being the most difficult leg of the ride. Seasoned Cap Ride participants have told me this is kind of how it shakes up:

Day 1: You are excited. Adrenaline is pumping. YAY, adrenaline! Day one, done!

Day 2: Reality sets in. You have to finish today and still have an entire day to go. It’s grueling.

Day 3: You are sore. You are tired. You are numb. You’ve been on a bike for two days straight. Today isn’t as much about the journey as it is about the destination. We’re almost done!

To me, day two felt a lot like being halfway through a ride. It’s been tough, but your muscles are warmed up and ready for the return. You’re perfectly accustomed to the push and pull and though you’re really starting to feel it, you cruise along because the only option you have is to make it back – or in this case – arrive at the hotel where there is good food, a shower and bed!

Day 2 Route of the 2020 Cure on Wheels Capitol Ride
Day 2 Route of the 2020 Cure on Wheels Capitol Ride

Here’s the simplest way I can break down the first two days of the ride:

Day 1: Excitement. Cows. Hills. More cows. More hills.

Day 2: Tired muscles. More cows. More cows. Even more tired muscles.

We had the most gorgeous (although unseasonably hot) weather for both day one and two – sunny and warm. I’m a Florida girl so I definitely prefer the heat over cold. We also had a lovely tailwind for the majority of the route both days, which is any cyclist’s dream come true.

I joke about miraculously still being here for the ride, but in reality, quitting is not an option. I felt really uncomfortable at times – especially on day two – but that’s when your mind takes over. The hidden motor is inside the brain.

A few of my favorite moments of the first two days

Thinking how bad the hills of San Antonio, Florida were, then seeing the BEAST of a hill that we had yet to climb. “The giant killer,” Parny exclaimed. “There she is,” said George.

  • Cooling off with Angel inside the walk-in beer cooler at a gas station at our last SAG stop from the end (her ingenious idea).
  • CRUSHING my first-ever Century Ride (100 miles) with my buddies Dalmarie and Aaron.
  • Meeting and getting to ride with Scott Swinehart, a Moffitt patient and cancer survivor who made it his goal to ride this ride. He and so many others are the WHY behind his ride!
Angel Sexton and Sarah Garcia cooling off on day 2 of the 2020 Capitol Ride.

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