‘My Reason Why is Because I Can’

By Contributing Writer - August 20, 2020

For the past three years, Alvaro Zamora has participated in Miles for Moffitt with heart, compassion and cause.

“My reason why is because I can,” said Zamora.

Zamora works for Bristol Myers Squibb. The company has supported Miles for Moffitt for the last five years and understands the importance of raising funds for research and the fight against cancer.

“We know the work we do can directly impact the lives of patients,” said Zamora. “This premise pushes me personally to do the best work I can and to contribute to novel causes like Miles for Moffitt.”

As a Tampa resident, he has witnessed the great work Moffitt does to help the community.

“The energy we feel at this event is always electric,” said Zamora.

But his “why” goes much deeper. His beloved Tita Sandra is battling breast cancer. She was in remission two years ago, but the cancer returned and now she is fighting for her life.          

“Where I grew up in Costa Rica, we call our grandmothers tita. She is my grandmother’s sister. Usually grandaunts are not called that, but she has earned the Tita title,” Zamora shared.

Last year, Zamora dedicated his Miles for Moffitt medal to her.

“Knowing everything she goes through gives me the determination to always give my best and makes me understand that I have no right to complain,” said Zamora.

Cancer runs in Zamora’s family.

“That’s why it’s so important to support the mission of companies like Moffitt and Bristol Myers Squibb, and to foster a healthy lifestyle,” explained Zamora.

He is looking forward to running on Team BMS, despite the race taking place virtually this year. In 2019, he ran the 10K and placed 32nd among all 10K runners.

Before last year’s race, he suffered a serious injury that left him with only two days to prepare for race. During the last mile, he started to cramp up and felt deflated, until he experienced a moment to reckon with “his why.” He thought of his extraordinary tita and the pain she felt. It was the strength he needed to finish the race.

“Tita has shown me the meaning of faith. I’m not talking about religion, I’m talking about faith itself,” said Zamora. “Even amid all of her hardships, her spirit is unbreakable, and she continues to pray for us all, regardless of how bad she feels. She is humble and emanates a sense of goodness that is palpable, selfless and compelling. I consider her to be one of the most enlightened women I have encountered in my life.”

Join Zamora, Team BMS, and the Miles for Moffitt community on Oct. 20 and race where you are. Visit MilesforMoffitt.com and move for what matters. 


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