Moffitt Names Volunteer of the Year

By Contributing Writer - May 14, 2018

Estelle “Cookie” Bodenstein is no stranger to cancer. She lost her husband to the disease and her sisters and son are cancer survivors. As a way to give back, Cookie began volunteering at Moffitt Cancer Center 18 years ago. She’s logged more than 7,000 service hours since 2000 and was named Moffitt’s Volunteer of the Year.

Cookie started out volunteering once a week at the Volunteer Service Desk and would go to every area of the hospital running errands for team members. Since then she’s volunteered in the Infusion Center, Patient Library and Breast Clinic. She’s also a part of the Volunteer Services Action Committee.

She says it makes her feel good to volunteer and the patients are very appreciative of her assistance. At one point she was volunteering three days a week, but has scaled back to two days a week. She jokes that she doesn’t know what to do with all of her free time now.

Congratulations Cookie on being Moffitt’s Volunteer of the Year! Thank you for your dedication and service!


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