Moffitt Launches New Visitor Check-In System

By Amanda Sangster - August 31, 2023

Moffitt Cancer Center holds the well-being and safety of patients and visitors above all else. With this steadfast commitment in mind, the cancer center is introducing a new visitor badge system launching across its Magnolia and McKinley campuses that is designed to meet the highest standards of patient and visitor safety.

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"By making Moffitt safer, we’re ensuring a better experience for our patients and their loved ones."

- Terrence Wright, Vice President, Facilities and Support Services

In the coming months, all visitors will be required to check in at Moffitt entrances to receive a visitor badge. Moffitt is deploying these new systems in a phased approach across its Magnolia and McKinley campuses. Start dates of the system vary by entrance.

“The safety of our patients and their families is always at the top of mind,” said Terrence Wright, vice president of Facilities and Support Services at Moffitt. “These checkpoints will enhance safety while also aligning our systems with other major health care facilities around Tampa Bay. By making Moffitt safer, we’re ensuring a better experience for our patients and their loved ones.”

A white electronic kiosk is positioned against a wall. It holds a computer screen and has a sign reading VISITOR CHECK IN across the top of the kiosk. The kiosk stand also has Moffitt Cancer Center's logo on it.
To expedite the visitor check-in process, self-serve kiosks are available.

Initially the new process will be exclusive to visitors, including family members and caregivers. Later this year, patients will also be required to participate in this new safety checkpoint process, ensuring comprehensive safety for all.

Here’s what patients and visitors should know:

  • All visitors, whether accompanying patients or visiting admitted patients, will be directed through a safety checkpoint to receive a visitor badge.
  • Visitors will provide a government-issued photo ID to receive a visitor badge. If a valid government-issued photo ID is unavailable, the security desk can facilitate a manual check-in.
  • Patients can stay with their visitor during check-in or proceed directly to their appointments.
  • Self-serve kiosks will also be available to expedite the process.
  • Following a successful check-in, visitors will receive a visitor badge sticker. This badge should always be visible above the waist.
  • Visitors under the age of 18 do not require a visitor badge and should always be accompanied by an adult while at Moffitt.

Moffitt staff will be at each entrance to assist visitors as they navigate the new process. The cancer center also invites visitors to share their feedback.

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