Moffitt Connects with Employer Partners for a Day of Cancer Screening

By Jonesa Rodriguez - May 25, 2022

During the height of COVID-19, cancer institutions all over the country saw a major decrease in screenings, which leads many researchers and physicians to believe more patients will be diagnosed with cancer at a later stage. To help increase cancer screenings and emphasize early prevention, Moffitt Cancer Center continues to work with employers through its Moffitt Connect program.

Moffitt Connect creates a partnership with outside employers, giving their employees direct access to Moffitt through various services. This includes hosting a first of its kind day for screening and education, known as Moffitt Connect Day. 

Moffitt's CEO Dr. Patrick Hwu visits the Employer Relations team during the Moffitt Connect Day Event.
Moffitt's CEO Dr. Patrick Hwu visits the Employer Relations team during the Moffitt Connect Day event.

“This strategy is about collaborating directly with employers and delivering Moffitt’s value proposition and brand. We evaluate the cancer care needs of employers and their employees and create an employer-centered infrastructure that proves internal and external value,” said Dorimar Siverio-Minardi, director of Payer and Employer Strategies at Moffitt. 

Knowing that some employees aren’t able to get their screenings during the workweek, Moffitt Connect Day hosts weekend screenings for breast, lung and skin cancers. 

“For many employees, it is difficult to take time away from work during the week and we opened on a Saturday to offer screening in alignment with our mission,” said Siverio-Minardi.

During the first-ever Moffitt Connect day event, the cancer center invited over 50 companies to participate. More than 100 screenings were conducted for breast, skin and lung. The Moffitt team found over 50 suspicious findings during the skin cancer screening, with a few patients needing immediate follow-up appointments. 

While no potential lung cancer cases were identified, some patients receiving the screening had other incidental significant findings detected, prompting those patients to need a follow-up appointment with their primary care physician. 

In addition to the weekend screenings, the Moffitt Connect program offers employers access to customized Moffitt educational content with a focus on screening and prevention, guidance and support throughout the scheduling process, and a Moffitt account executive who collaborates on ways to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of cancer care for the organization’s employees. 

Siverio- Minardi says her goal is to execute two screening events per year in hopes to increase cancer screenings and early prevention. 

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