Moffitt Clinic Brings Treatment to Life with 3D Art

By Sara Bondell - July 16, 2018

When Dianne Maynard got off the elevator in the Gastrointestinal Oncology Clinic, she was greeted by a big, colorful painting.

But it’s not just art.

It’s a three-dimensional mural that comes alive when Maynard puts on 3D glasses.

“It’s definitely coming right out at me and standing where I can see it in all dimensions,” Maynard said.

Mr. Moffitt and others view the 3D art in our GI Clinic.

The 25-foot long piece of art is made up of panels that depict the different types of cancer treatment: chemotherapy, radiation, targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

“The art is really the first way we communicate with patients,” said Dr. Mintallah Haider, a medical oncologist in Moffitt’s Gastrointestinal Oncology Program. “What the picture captures is multidisciplinary care which is a cornerstone of our practice here.”

It’s not the only 3D piece of artwork in the clinic; there are a few other smaller pieces throughout the area. They were all created by artist Jeff Hazelton. Hazelton, who was a teenager when his father died of cancer, says the art is meant to serve as a transformative experience for patients and their families.

“My hope is patients will get sucked in and draw inspiration for their fight,” said Hazelton. “The whole idea is to give them a baseline to help them visualize fighting cancer.”

Maynard says the art helps her understand the complex fight she is about to undergo and she feels reassured “to know that all of this will play a part to make sure my cancer is eradicated.”

The GI Clinic is located on the fifth floor of the Muriel Rothman Clinic Building. To get a glimpse of the art, ask the front desk for a pair of 3D glasses.



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