Moffitt Celebrates Innovation and Excellence in Pharmacy Practice

By Jonesa Rodriguez - December 04, 2020

The pharmacy teams across Moffitt Cancer Center’s multiple campuses play an integral role in the selection, dosing, preparation and dispensing of medication and therapies for our patients. There are many checks and balances that the pharmacist provides to ensure that the right drug and right dose are chosen for each individual patient. They also help with ensuring that the proper monitoring of the patient occurs in order to know if the drug works as intended and that side effects are minimized.

Both pharmacists and technicians play an important role in research, medication-assistance programs and act as the medication experts in various multi-disciplinary committees throughout the cancer center. Our pharmacists work closely with all members of the health care team from providers and nurses to social workers.

To recognize the hard work and dedication of our pharmacists and technicians, Moffitt created the Pharmacy Excellence Awards in 2018. Coinciding with National Pharmacy week, the annual awards celebrate the accomplishments of our team and the extraordinary service they provide to our patients. 

The Excellence Award has five different categories, and the recipients are nominated by their fellow teammates. Here are this year’s recipients:

Excellence in Pharmacy Practice recognizes Moffitt pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are true experts in their practice area and consistently provide high level pharmaceutical care according to the American Pharmacists Association’s Principles of Practice for Pharmaceutical Care. These individuals are highly relied upon and are invaluable to their colleagues and their patient care teams. 

Bethany Withycombe - Pharmacist

What her peers said about her: “Bethany goes above and beyond to help colleagues, providers and patients. Due to her thoroughness, preparation and clinical insight, the cutaneous clinic runs very efficiently and smoothly.”

Jerry Yoder - Pharmacist

What his peers said about him: “Jerry is an asset to the Pharmacy Investigational Drug Services team. He is the go-to person whenever anyone from the team has a complicated patient or a research protocol that requires further analysis or clarification. His in-depth knowledge of technical, clinical and administrative aspects make him a true ‘Research Pharmacist.’”

Doug Sherwin - Pharmacist

What his peers said about him: “Doug dedicated to providing the best patient care and has so much empathy for patients. He is a devoted coworker willing to help with tough patient cases.”

Jonathan Goodwin- Pharmacy Technician

What her peers said about him: “Jonathan is a source of learning and assistance for pharmacy technicians. He is a joy to work with and a vital part of what makes the pharmacy work so smoothly and precisely.”

Robert Noriega- Pharmacy Technician

What his peers said about him: “Robert is a knowledgeable and reliable technician at Moffitt, who is always willing to help.”

Julian Love- Pharmacy Technician

What his peers said about him: “Patients are extremely satisfied with Julian’s service and how he goes above and beyond to help them gain access to treatment.”

Excellence in Pharmacy Patient Care recognizes a Moffitt pharmacist who provides excellent patient-centered pharmaceutical care by working in concert with the patient and the patient’s other health care providers to promote optimal patient outcomes.

Christy Thai - Pharmacist

What her peers said about her: “Christy exhibits all facets of excellent patient care. Her relentless dedication to patients, pharmacy and clinical practice is a true asset to our institution.”

 Excellence in Pharmacy Leadership recognizes a Moffitt pharmacist and pharmacy technician, in non-leadership positions, with leadership skills who inspire and influence others daily with their positive attitudes and forward thinking. 

Bhumi Shah- Pharmacist

What her peers said about her: “Bhumi is a leader and a role model for other Infusion Center pharmacists. Bhumi continuously coordinates activities that promote better communication and goodwill amongst pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nursing.” 

Shanna Pace- Pharmacy Technician

What her peers said about her: “Shanna is a great leader and goes above and beyond the parameters of her job. She helps identify any systemic problems so the Infusion Center can run efficiently and provide the best patient care. Shanna is a huge part of the success of the Infusion Center.”

Excellence in Training and Mentorship recognizes a Moffitt pharmacist and pharmacy technician who have demonstrated excellence in the training, education and mentorship of new team members and those less experienced in their roles. These individuals are exceptionally knowledgeable and reliable resources who contribute to the success of new staff.

Jorge Avila- Pharmacist

What his peers said about him: “Jorge’s patience, approachable nature and extensive experience encompass his excellence in training and mentorship. His dedication to patients is exemplified daily with his professional and compassionate nature.” 

Robert Noriega - Pharmacy Technician

What his peers said about him: “Robert is knowledgeable, reliable and always willing to help. He is always willing to teach others to ensure everything runs smoothly.” 

 Excellence in Pharmacy Innovation. recognizes a Moffitt pharmacist and pharmacy technician who consistently bring new thoughtful ideas to advance our department and organization through new innovations that prove to improve efficiencies and/or reduce waste or costs.

Yanina Pasikhova - Pharmacist

What her peers said about her: “Yanina has risen to the challenge of 2020 by working diligently with other departments to create an outstanding guide on managing of COVID-19 infections in our high-risk patients.”

Jordan Johns - Pharmacy Technician

What her peers said about her: “Jordan manages sponsor monitors for over 150 active studies at Moffitt’s Magnolia campus. During COVID-19, when in-person site visits were not allowed, she worked actively with her manager to establish and successfully initiate a remote monitoring process.”

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