Moffitt Cancer Center Launches Endeavor

By Kim Polacek, APR, CPRC - May 12, 2020

Cancer operates on fear. Moffitt Cancer Center combats that fear with exceptional care and bold and innovative research — driven by the daily courage of our patients.

Endeavor® – Stories from the Frontlines of Cancer, Moffitt’s new online news site, takes you behind the scenes to reveal the latest advances in cancer prevention, treatment and research. Endeavor is dedicated to clear, insightful news and information that complements the work of our clinicians and researchers.

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"We believe clear and straightforward reporting can help consumers make informed decisions about cancer treatment and prevention strategies."

- Dr. B. Lee Green, Vice President, Diversity, Public Relations & Strategic Communications

“We believe clear and straightforward reporting can help consumers make informed decisions about cancer treatment and prevention strategies,” said Dr. B. Lee Green, vice president of Diversity, Public Relations and Strategic Communications at Moffitt. “With the changing media landscape and fewer reporters on the medical/science beat, we are offering support to news organizations by providing timely articles and in-depth analysis that are of interest to local and national readers.”

Moffitt’s communications team, which includes many former journalists, has spent years covering developments in cancer treatment and the research that drives progress and innovation. Their stories, in text, video and infographics, tap into our experts’ knowledge to provide insight on trending medical news and to debunk health care myths.

With Endeavor, Moffitt joins a growing number of companies like Coca-Cola, GE and Disney who have become their own publishers through brand journalism. It’s a great way to deliver meaningful and accurate content that cuts through the sometimes-unreliable information on social media and provides accurate storytelling for overburdened and understaffed media outlets.

“We have stories to tell that we would love media to cover. But why wait when you have means to share the story yourself?” said Mark Hendrickson, director of Public Relations & Strategic Communications at Moffitt. “That is the idea behind brand journalism. There is only so much space in a newspaper or time in a newscast; having a site like Endeavor provides endless opportunities to share impactful stories that can provide hope and support to those battling cancer.”

All Endeavor content is available for republication for free.

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