Moffitt Announces Award of Excellence Winners

By Staff Writer - February 21, 2020

Congratulations to the recipients of the H. Lee Moffitt Award of Excellence!

The H. Lee Moffitt Award of Excellence honors Moffitt employees who exemplify the vision and dedication of H. Lee Moffitt, the founder of Moffitt Cancer Center. The award recognizes individuals that show outstanding devotion to the cancer center's mission: to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. Recipients are nominated by their fellow teammates giving the award special significance since it is an honor bestowed upon them by their peers. One person is selected from a research and non-research field within Moffitt followed by five honorable mentions.

Sarah Everett, CMA
Sarah Everett, CMA

Award of Excellence Winner Sarah Everett, CMA

What her peers said about her:

“Patients look forward to seeing Sarah and speaking with her each time they get their treatment. They call it “Sarah Therapy.” It’s their time to come in the lab draw chair, close the curtain and talk. They feel comfortable with her and express their gratitude for having someone listen to them. She provides exceptional care to our patients every day!”

Margret Pratt, BSN, RN
Margret Pratt, BSN, RN

Award of Excellence Winner Margret Pratt, BSN, RN

What Margret’s peers said:

“Margret is an exemplary example of a nurse, and when I see her walk in, I always know it’s going to be a good day. She provides an exceptional education to our patients making sure they do not leave the clinic without the tools they need to continue proper care at home. Margret always puts our patients first! She’s a team player and always jumps in and help a co-worker in need.”

At Moffitt, we believe in celebrating our patients and each other. The Award of Excellence lets us recognize our teammates for the difference they have made in our own lives and those of our patients. By encouraging each other, we spread motivation, inspire collaboration and promote a positive work environment where team members can thrive. This recognition helps to create energy and enthusiasm that propel us forward in our mission of curing cancer.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Marjorie Cortes-Alvarado, Patient Family Centered Care
  • Destiny Haynes, Patient Experience Services
  • Cristina Perez, Patient Experience
  • Lisa Ramos, Clinic Access
  • Sarah Thirlwell, Supportive Care Program
L to R: Sarah Thirlwell, Marjorie Cortes-Alvarado, Cristina Perez, Destiny Haynes, Margrett Pratt, Lisa Ramos and Sarah Everett


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