Moffitt Announces 2020 Award of Excellence Winners

By Jonesa Rodriguez - February 25, 2021

For the last 34 years, Moffitt Cancer Center has awarded its team members for their passion and dedication to the cancer center. This award, known as the H. Lee Moffitt Award of Excellence, is given to team members who have a positive effect on others, who exemplify a true collaborative spirit and who are kind and supportive. This award is an example of someone who’s living the Moffitt mission.

The Award of Excellence is geared to highlight all Moffitt team members, whether they work directly with patients or not. It shows that everybody contributes to helping our patients during their cancer journey, as well as the cancer center’s mission.

Richie Reich, 2020 Award of Excellence Winner
Richie Reich, 2020 Award of Excellence Winner

Award recipients are nominated by their colleagues, making the award one of significance. There are two top awardees, selected from a research and non-research field within Moffitt, followed by five honorable mentions. 

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Award of Excellence! 

Richie Reich, Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Shared Resource Manager

What his peers said about him: “Richie demonstrates all of the Moffitt values every day at work. There is always a positive interaction between him and other team members. He has created innovative ways to help the Moffitt staff see the value in what they do daily. His drive is admirable; he is truly committed to the mission.”

Joli Beaney, 2020 Award of Excellence Winner
Joli Beaney, 2020 Award of Excellence Winner

Joli Beaney, Patient & Family Services 

What her peers said about her: “Joli works incredibly hard every day and is so compassionate and caring. She consistently goes above and beyond, never leaving anyone to struggle. With care and grace, Joli welcomes patients and their families into the cancer center, connecting them to the proper resources. She truly makes a difference at Moffitt, not just for patients but for team members as well.”

Five Honorable Mentions: 

David Stringfellow, Portal Technologies

Jennifer Cerar, Radiation Oncology Clinic

Juliana Amankwah, Multi-Specialty Nurse

Marissa Wafford, Clinical Informatics

Melissa Eaton-Moseley, Multi-Specialty Clinic

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