Meet Moffitt Pet Therapy Dog Roux

By Jonesa Rodriguez - February 20, 2020

Name: Roux (pronounced Roo) 

Roux enjoying the great outdoors.

Her dad was cooking his favorite recipe, gumbo, when he was surprised with a 2 month old lab puppy, so he called her “Roux“: the first main ingredient made from heating flour & butter until it turns golden

Age: 1 & 1/2 years old

Breed: English Yellow Labrador

Birthplace: South Carolina on I-95 in an RV (momma went into labor in the RV headed back to Florida and had 7 puppies!)

Weight: 70lbs

Favorite Food: All! But leftovers in a trash can are amazing!

Best Friend: Sampson - my BFF black lab pound puppy who loves to chase and play.

Favorite Day of the Week: Wednesday! On Wednesdays, I go to a local Elementary school to have story time and play with kindergarten kids. Sometimes I will dress up for their fun theme days -- like “Superhero Day” -- I was Robin. 

When I am not at Moffitt I’m ... taking walks, riding in a golf cart, fetching golf balls, napping and waiting for food. 

Favorite Toy: My orange ball

Fun Fact: I’m called a “Dudley” lab because I was born with a rare genetic condition and have a lack of pigmentation, so my nose is pink and I have light color eyes.

Favorite Human: Anyone with treats and nurse Tripp on the 5th floor!

Super Roux to the rescue!

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