Meaningful Work at Moffitt

By Staff Writer - August 29, 2019

At Moffitt, our mission is to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. While we know that this is not a one-person job, we also recognize each and every team member’s individual contributions to this effort. Whether it’s directly serving patients on the clinical side, developing new treatments in the lab or working behind the scenes on the business side, we’re all united in the fight against cancer. 

Vicki Dugger, Registered Nurse, Infusion Center, 26 years

“Our patients are the best part of working here at Moffitt. I think of our patients as part of my family. I look at them as if they were my mom, my dad, my sister. I try to take as good of care of them as I would any one of my family members. You put yourself out of the way as far as what’s going on in your life and you focus totally on your patient and their family members.” 

Paul Woodward, Manager, Supply Chain Analytics, 30 years

“Hearing the words ‘You have cancer’ was surreal. But you know, I got through it and it gave me the opportunity to take the backstage tour here at Moffitt. To get to see the care and commitment, and all those things we see on the billboards and the commercials. I got to witness it firsthand, and it was just amazing, the people were just amazing. What keeps me going is knowing that I’m contributing to fighting this disease, and hopefully I’ll be part of that day that they have a cure for cancer.”

Kimberly Rodriguez-Troy, Manager, Billing, 20 years

“The most memorable moment was when my mom was actually a patient at Moffitt. She was a patient here twice and each time the staff and doctors were amazing. You know, your mother, that’s your queen … Moffitt helped her and I’m so grateful for that. I am so ecstatic when someone asks me where I work. Moffitt Cancer Center, the best place to work in the world (to me), and it’s a great organization. And you can tell that it’s great because I’m still here — 20 years later!”

Prado Antolino, Manager, Language Services, 15 years

“The best part of working at Moffitt is working with the patients. I know a lot of us say that, but it truly is the best part. Patients teach you things and you get to share in the joys and sorrows. It’s a very meaningful part of the job. Ever since I started at Moffitt, it feels to me that we all feel a very deep sense of purpose. We’re all here for one mission, to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer. Some of us may not be researchers or doctors, but we are contributing in others ways, and we all move kind of like a wave, in the same direction.”

Moises Suarez, Administrator, Technology Services, 26 years

“Moffitt is a place where we truly care about our patients. I remember our first day at orientation, they told us that patients come first. They said if a patient wants to barbeque on a Sunday afternoon, that nobody says no, and we try to find a way. Back when we were only 800 employees, the kids (pediatric patients) were on the fifth floor, every room had a Nintendo and they had a teacher named Mary. Mary asked me to take the kids on a field trip. I brought them downstairs, put them on computers and helped them browse the internet, and then at the end of it, we sent an email to the president, which I followed with the kids’ names and said that they are all cancer patients at Moffitt Cancer Center. President Clinton at the time sent each of the kids an autographed picture. Mary told me when the pictures arrived, the kids were so excited that some of them had to go lay down because their monitors were going off.”


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