Florida Begins Phase One of Reopening

By Sara Bondell - May 01, 2020

Florida will begin lifting its COVID-19 shelter-in-place order Monday, starting with the first of several phases. Phase one includes:

  • Schools remain distance learning
  • Visits to senior living facilities are still prohibited
  • Elective surgeries can resume
  • Restaurants may reopen and offer outdoor seating with six-foot space between tables and indoor seating at 25% capacity
  • Retail can reopen and operate at 25% of indoor capacity
  • Gyms, bars and personal services such as hairdressers remain closed
Dr. John Greene, Chair, Infectious Diseases Program
Dr. John Greene, Chair, Infectious Diseases Program

What do these decreased restrictions mean for cancer patients?

“It’s very important to speak with your oncologist to decide what level of contact with others is safe and acceptable,” said Dr. John Greene, chair of the Infectious Diseases Program at Moffitt Cancer Center. “The cancer patient population varies from the most immunocompromised, like bone marrow transplant patients, to those not as immunocompromised, such as patients not on active chemotherapy.”

If your provider says it is safe for you to start going out and interacting with others, here are some guidelines:

Restaurants – It is okay to go out to eat at restaurants that has outdoor seating and/or limited indoor capacity. You can wear a mask if you would like, but keep in mind you would have to take it off to eat.

Retail – If you are going shopping, try and maintain a six-foot social distancing radius with other shoppers. You can wear a mask if you’d like. It’s okay if you can’t control others from walking into your space, but do your best to avoid crowds or places that have cramped areas.

Visiting Family Members – Family members can come over to visit as long as they are not experiencing any symptoms. Try to maintain social distancing when possible. Ask your oncologist if you or your family members should wear a mask when interacting. 

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