Five Questions with Moffitt’s Student Volunteer of the Year Mark Pemberton

By Contributing Writer - April 25, 2018

Why volunteer at Moffitt?

My mom was a patient at Moffitt and I wanted to give back to an organization that gave so much to my family. Plus, I am a sophomore at the University of South Florida (USF) majoring in public health and I get service hour credits for volunteering. I’ve only been a volunteer at Moffitt for less than a year, but I’ve already dedicated more than 320 hours of service time.

What do you do as a volunteer?

At the moment I volunteer in the Patient and Family Library. I help put together packets of educational materials for our patients and assist patients with the computers in the library. There’s always something to do, which makes this a great place to volunteer because I am never bored. I’ve also volunteered on the volunteer information desk and in the Infusion Center. I am also an active member of the Patient and Family Advisory Committee.

What advice do you have for other students wanting to volunteer?

Volunteering is very important because I believe you should give back to people and organizations that have helped you. Plus, you’ll gain valuable experience and learn many life lessons.

What are your plans after college?

I am only a sophomore, so I have some time before graduation, but I’m looking into Master’s programs in Health Policy and Management as well as government jobs in public health.

What impact has Moffitt had on your life?

The biggest impact Moffitt had on my life was the care and treatment it provided for my mother, who is now in remission. Volunteering has been a great experience. I enjoy getting to know the staff and patients. It is hard to work at a cancer center with all the different patients who are experiencing different stages of cancer. I’ve learned the importance of educating patients on their treatment and about cancer. I plan on volunteering at Moffitt for a long time.

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