Cancer Advocates Converge at State Capitol for Moffitt Day

By Kim Polacek, APR, CPRC - January 17, 2018

More than 60 advocates joined Moffitt Cancer Center President and CEO Alan F. List, M.D. in Tallahassee to ask lawmakers to continue their partnership in the fight against cancer. Moffitt was established by the state to provide residents world-class cancer care. Support from the state legislature is critical to keep pace with the needs of our state’s aging population and continue to develop new discoveries and treatments for cancer. 

"Moffitt’s approach to cancer care has always been team-oriented, with everyone working together to provide the best treatment plans and outcomes for our patients," List said during a news conference in the capitol rotunda. "We consider our governor and elected officials as part of that extended team. And we are asking for their continued support to help Moffitt realize the lasting scientific advances that are so important to the millions of Floridians battling cancer."

Among them is cancer survivor JuliAnn Finger, who was diagnosed with stage 4 Mantle cell lymphoma in 2007. After being told she only had 90 days to live, she decided to go to Moffitt where her oncologist offered her "something no one else had – hope." In the nine years since her successful bone marrow transplant at Moffitt, she’s witnessed the birth of six grandchildren.

"Patients seek out Moffitt because we are a leader in cancer care and research. Some of the biggest advances in cancer research and treatment over the last three decades have come from Moffitt faculty and researchers and our efforts have not gone unnoticed," said List. "Moffitt made national headlines for its contributions to the recent FDA approval of two new cellular immunotherapies, known as CAR T therapy. Our team treated the first adult patient in the clinical trial setting and also the first adult patient following FDA approval. Moffitt is leading the way in this new era of cancer therapy; and we could not be more proud of our team who has worked so hard to set the standard being followed by other cancer treatment centers across the nation."

The announcement on Jan. 17 was part of the 13th annual Moffitt Day, which brought together patients, caregivers, physicians and researchers to the state capitol in support of Moffitt. Advocates meet with lawmakers, sharing Moffitt’s mission to eradicate cancer and asking for continued state support for Florida’s premier cancer center. 

Moffitt is the No. 9 cancer hospital in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report. It is also the only Florida-based cancer center to receive the prestigious Comprehensive Cancer Center designation from the National Cancer Institute. Moffitt is also committed to educating the next generation of Florida-trained physicians, scientists and health care professionals. The cancer center trains more students in the field of oncology than all other Florida institutions, with more than 2,000 student rotations annually.

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